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TuxToDo is a task-list manager designed for GNU/Linux, but it should work on many operating systems and architectures. It is intended to fill the same niche as some functions of Microsoft's Outlook / Exchange combination. TuxToDo has the additional goal of becoming an integral part of the *nix environment, much as email is now.

To accomplish this TuxToDo has been designed in a very modular fashion. TuxToDo will consist of two primary modules, the frontend, or client ( with which the user will interact) and the backend, or server ( which will handle all the data manipulations ). The two primary modules will communicate over TCP/IP sockets, allowing the clients to be located anywhere. This also makes it very easy to black-box the server and reimplement the client in any way desired, with out touching the backend. This is probably the greatest benefit of TuxToDo; Any client interface you want _can_ be done, and it will work flawlessly with all other TuxToDo frontends. It is my hope that these frontends will be created by anyone who wants, that is, the interface to the server should be simple but complete, with all "difficult" aspects contained by a dynamically loaded networking library ( for instance, SSL would be taken care of by the networking module, you wouldn't nesseciarily need to know anything about SSL to write a frontend ).

The modular design extends further to a small set of shared libraries. These libraries will be used for data access and client-server communications. Initially all data storage willbe done with a flat text file for each user, however a class can be written to interface with a MySQL database for example, this can then be loaded at runtime by the backend with no other complications.

TuxToDo is being developed by E. Rogan Creswick (largos@users.sourceforge.net) and Jason Dagit (thedagit@users.sourceforge.net), a couple of Opensource freaks with many things to do, but no list to put them in. As an aside, neither of us can spell, and xemacs can't find /usr/lib/ispell/default.hash... so either email corrections to Rogan, or deal for a bit ;)

Version: 0.0.0
Source: tuxtodo-src.tar.gz
Binaries: tuxtodo.tar.gz
Contact Info
Rogan Creswick: (home)
Jason Dagit: (home)