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So far our code format has involved xemacs and C-M-q :) Source files end in .cc and their headers in .hh. We are using the OOP end of C++ at this point. We are taking great pains to avoid tradtional C style coding as we believe the C++ paradigm is better for application development.
NOTE: C++ is being used for the backend and server aspects, but frontends can be developed in any language.

Class declarations are given in .hh files and the implementation of the class is given in .hh files (with the exception of inline functions that have to be in the class declaration). Take a look at example.cc and example.hh for a role model.

The most important style tip for this project is the header comment at the top of all the .hh and .cc files.


You may use whatever lang/style you choose. The frontend design is up to you! Our goal is to provide a few frontends for users that don't want to create their own. But the final say will be yours.

Version: 0.0.0
Source: tuxtodo-src.tar.gz
Binaries: tuxtodo.tar.gz
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