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Alright, this update is a bit overdue. But the good news is that iotcpstreams are ready. I can't find any more bugs, so feel free to use the streams. They have their own buffers (256 bytes for now) and work quite nicely. Take a look in TuxToDo/src/shared/testsuite/ for an example server and client. Notice how little code you have to write. It couldn't be much simpler, thanks C++! :)

Expect a useable version of Tux (without encryption) by this summer.

If anyone out there knows a good way to use the STL framework to add encryption then, by all means, drop us a line.



Once again Tux is making good progress. After banging my head against the wall that some would call the STL frame work I finaly saw the errnos of my ways and am here to say that the beast they call the streambuf has no soul. And I've seen the core dumps to prove it!

Actually, we created some really nice tcpstream classes that work like the standard stream classes that come with the STL. Right now they're a bit rough and need a good firm testing.

These classes are very functional though. They are unbuffered by default and send out millions of packets (one per byte) but if you give them a buffer they are much more efficient. Just don't forget to flush the output if you are using the buffered version.

Play with the tcpstreams and let us know what you think.



Tux is making good progress. The code for doing tcp stream output is ready. It uses standard library style, by extending the streambuf class. Input tcp streams are next on the list. Encryption will most likely use the manipulator abstraction of C++.



Tux is still comming along, current aspects under construction are the communications modules, and I've done a bit of redesign. In the next week or so I'll try to get some (final?) uml up on the docs. page. For now, here's the tenative list-of-stuff:

  • Finish TCP Streams ( these are going to be really cool!)
  • Create encryption stream manipulators
  • Implement the connection-management loop and ques.
  • Throw flock() or something like it into the current DataModule for true file locking
  • ...and write a client.

  • The plan with the TCP streams is to create a stream for tcp/ip communication which can be used just like any other c++ stream ( ie: fstream, ifstream ..). We are trying to stick very closely to the same class heirarchy used for [io]fstreams. Then, with an encryption manipulator ( or just a wrapper of sorts) we can encrypt anything that uses _any_ stream.

    At least that's the idea.



    TuxToDo is a Sourceforge project now! I've added links to our project page and sourceforge on the left, and this page is now hosted ( obviously ) at tuxtodo.sourceforge.net.

    Thanks again to the group at Sourceforge, we're no longer running on an iMac!



    The backend and DataModules are nearly complete, no work has begun on the CommModule however. Still to be done in these areas are:

  • File locking
  • Finish implementing the config file parser

  • We also need to look at the mechanisim for dealing with multiple simeotaneous connections, but file locking may encompass that.


  • Download
    Version: 0.0.0
    Source: tuxtodo-src.tar.gz
    Binaries: tuxtodo.tar.gz
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    Rogan Creswick: (home)
    Jason Dagit: (home)